Expert Retail Management. Solved.

Retail Analytics and Planning Suite for Making Actionable data-driven desicions, profitably.


Running a successful retail business is complex and the retail landscape is more challenging than ever.

Retail Toolkit is a business analytics and forecasting solution that arms you with insights for profitable decision-making and eases the challenges of retail management.

No more building manual reports.

Let your team benefit from actionable analytics built out in real-time so that you and your managers can focus on management, instead of managing Excel sheets

Become a payroll master.

Retail Toolkit improves staffing allocation by helping you quickly and easily create schedules that are based on budget, sales forecast, service schedules, and additional business metrics. Bring efficiency, order and structure to your single largest variable expense, so you can focus on improving your store.

Don't gamble with your business.

Purchasing shouldn't be guesswork. Retail Toolkit improves inventory management by providing detailed trend and forecast insights, ensuring you have the right quantity of the right products at the right time.'

Stay connected with your customers.

Send highly customized email marketing messages to your customers automatically, with detailed personalization and targeting based on purchase history and demographics. Build engaging drip campaigns to engage and nurture customers over their entire lifecycle, building a loyal customer base.