Inventory Planning

Inventory Planning Drives Success

With these insights, you are armed to increase margin by reducing mark-downs, improve turn rates by better aligning inventory with demand, and increase positive cash flow by reducing inventory levels based on improved demand forecasting.

inventory dashboard

Retail Toolkit improves inventory management by providing detailed trend and forecast insights for all inventory, ensuring you have the right quantity of the right products at the right time. The inventory planning suite includes Open to Buy planning, helping guide inventory orders by demand…not gut.

Open to Buy Planning

RTK’s Open to Buy reporting provides your business with a competitive advantage, helping drive more profits without increasing inventory spend. The Open to Buy feature provides you with detailed projected inventory quantity requirements related to sales trends, down to subcategory level, enabling your staff to manage inventory, plan purchases, and budget effectively.

Additional capabilities include reporting on current inventory levels vs target, as well as PO analysis tools to identify risk areas of overstocking. For multi-location retailers, RTK also provides inventory balancing recommendations based on current inventory levels and forecast demand.